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Education Links – EDLinks – is an Open Studios program that matches Boulder Valley School District K-12 art teachers with professional, local artists for classroom instruction, projects, presentations, and demonstrations at no cost to the school. EDLinks funds time spent in the classroom plus a stipend for art supplies. EDLinks has served BVSD middle and high schools for years, and this past year we have also expanded into Title One elementary schools.


EdLinks is a great way for you to pass on your artistic knowledge to students throughout Boulder. You MUST be a current or past Open Studios artist to apply. Fill out and submit the online Artist Application using the button to the right.


If you are a teacher who is interested in taking advantage of this unique and valuable resource, please complete and submit the online Teacher Application using the button to the right. When we have received a completed application we will send you a list of participating artists. You may then contact the artist directly to schedule a time for them to present in your class.


Upon the completion of the program you are required to complete the teacher’s evaluation and have your students fill out the student evaluation form (middle and high schools only.) If you have questions, please contact or call 303-444-1862.


Open Studios will fund EDLinks artists throughout the school year.



William was very professional. I think that high school students can relate to him well. I loved that he shared and passed around the materials that he uses. It was great to see the students taking notes and then practicing these techniques the next day in class.
R. Feeney, Fairview Art Teacher


Laura was articulate, intelligent and inspiring! I love teaching with an artist! Students were excited and each day were “chomping at the bit” to get started and work the whole time and into lunch. Laura was very positive and thoughtful in her comments and assistance. The critique comments were good and insightful as to how the students felt about their work.
V. Schick, Boulder High Art Teacher


This program is so unique to our educational world. You bridge that gap from theory to reality.
D. Blessing, Boulder High Art Teacher


Kids were very inspired to work on this, knowing that they would have their work displayed in public for years to come.
M. Hoverstock, Casey MS Art Teacher


This was the first painting project for this class and it was incredible to see the light bulbs go on when they discovered a new technique. The paintings were all successful. The students learned about layering paints to get value.
J. Hudson, Centennial MS Art Teacher

There are tons of ways to make cool looking art, there’s not one right way.


I never really connected with modern or contemporary artwork, but Stoehr’s use of color and value helped me understand it.



A lot of the encaustic pieces were very simple and abstract, but it helped to learn about the process of creation to appreciate the meaning and depth of the piece.


He used lots of materials and techniques that I’ve never seen before. I thought I want to know more artists like him.


The highlight was connecting with a group of students able to create pieces of art that are meaningful. Another highlight was integrating the project into their curriculum.
J. Ireland, fiber artist


It was so great to see students and people getting excited about the power of art and how it can heal or transform a person!
L. Ellis, clay, mixed media artist


An enjoyable process of working with the art teachers and students to extend the capabilities of simple materials and concepts. Love working with young students to open up the creative juices!
G. Peters, sculptural mobile artist

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