Since 1995, the Boulder Open Studios Tour has been a free, self-guided tour, that invites the public into over 125 artists' studios in Boulder County each October. The Tour’s goal is simple: connect artists with people who love art. This connection encourages conversations, develops understanding between art appreciators and creators, and creates lasting relationships.

This year, the traditional Studio Tour has been cancelled. In its place, we’ve created a new Membership Program that offers year-round opportunities for artists and art patrons. While Covid-19 has made it difficult for some artists to host visitors, there are many who are ready to schedule one-on-one visits.


We now provide Online Booking for Studio Tours by Appointment, featuring various artists and mediums. Each artist provides their own schedule of availability, so there is someone to visit just about any time you like!

Here are some other ways you can safely participate in Open Studios 2020: 

  • Visit the Museum of Boulder Open Studios exhibit to see sample work from all participating artists,  October 2 - 18.

  • Click on Artist Catalog to review participating artists' pages and see samples of their work. Check out the short video studio tours you might find there or connect to the artist's own web site.   

  • Contact artists directly by email any time, to discuss a piece you might be interested in, or anything else. 

  • Purchase art here from any of our seven fine art Online Galleries. Delivery in Boulder County is always free or we can provide shipping. Our Make Someone Smile Gift Gallery highlights a huge variety of work for under $100!

  • Check in regularly to the Events & News section of this site to get the latest details about what's going on. We will be offering a number of live, socially-distanced live events to showcase our artists and their work.

Open Studios’ 2020 Artist Members have numerous avenues to present their art to patrons and build relationships with art lovers. Through our Membership Program, artists receive a package of benefits to celebrate and promote what they create. Our website and other online programs provide many opportunities to present work to a global network of art appreciators, share talent as art educators and community builders, and participate in online retail galleries supported by Open Studios sales management.


We hope to return to the traditional Tour next year, but also hope that the programs we create in this unprecedented moment will become a permanent part of what is available to Open Studios artists. 


PLEASE NOTE: The NEW Open Studios Membership Program is open to all artists who live and/or create their work in Boulder County. But the 2020 Call for Entry is now closed.

We maintain a standard of excellence through our annual jury process. Each year, artists must apply and have their work reviewed by professional jurors. This provides a carefully curated, high quality experience for our patrons. During our typical Tour years, we average over 40,000 studio visits by more than 8000 people of all ages. With the Virtual Tour, we hope that even more people will take advantage of the view artists offer into their studios. Our one-year package of Membership Benefits will help artists increase their markets and build their brands.


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For more information about participating in the tour, click on the Artist Guidelines & FAQ button on the right to get started.


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