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EDLinks is an Open Studios program that matches K-12 art teachers with professional, local artists for classroom instruction, projects, presentations, and demonstrations at no cost to the school.


Submit an application at least one month before your planned classroom time with your specific requirements and skill set needed, and we’ll match you with an artist. You’ll work directly with that artist to meet your educational goal. You’ll be asked to complete teacher and student surveys upon completion of the assignment.



• Students get to work with professional artists and visualize moving toward being a viable artist.

• EdLinks artists have expertise to enhance your curriculum, and specialized skills you might want to include in your classroom.

• One teacher said, “It's like watching your dream come true, seeing your students interact with... facilitate... critique... inspire... influence...”

Where do I start?

Complete and Submit this online application at least one month before your planned classroom hour(s). You will be contacted within a week by an EDLinks representative. It’s that easy!

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