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DIGITAL CLASS - Watercolor Plein Air Painting for Beginners

DIGITAL CLASS - Watercolor Plein Air Painting for Beginners



Digital Download - you will receive a download link upon payment. The downloadable file will include all eight sessions of the class.


In this class, Meg will walk you through how to get started with outdoor watercolor landscape painting. No prior knowledge of watercolor painting is required for this very beginner-friendly class. 

If you've ever seen a beautiful landscape and thought "wow I wish I could paint that" then this class is for you! By the time you've completed the class, you will have a new hobby that gets you outside with your paints, and connects you more with the landscapes around you. 

Meg provides all the tips and tricks you need to being able to capture landscapes in watercolor. She will walk you through two practice exercises to get you loosened up and build your confidence, then you will head outside to do some real plein air painting.

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