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Cascade Necklace Kit

Cascade Necklace Kit

PriceFrom $28.00

Using only a few basic knots, make your choice of a single or double-tier cascade necklace. Eight pages of detailed, step-by-step instructions with photos of each step are included. In addition to this kit you will receive a bonus - a tool of the artist's own invention called the Nifty Knotter that makes tying perfect coil knots a breeze. 


Tools required: sharp scissors, ruler and scotch tape. You will also need a pair of chainnose pliers. Chainnose pliers may be purchased here for an additional fee if you do not already have them. Chainnose pliers are a must have for jewelry makers, and these are fabulous quality for an incredible price. 


No experience needed; a beginner can complete this project. However there are quite a few steps so adult level reading comprehension and patience are required. Ages 16 and up.

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