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To celebrate the holidays and especially how our pets help so many of us during difficult times, our giving campaign included the opportunity to have an Open Studios artist create a personalized pet portrait from a favorite photo. Here are some of the results. Many thanks to our amazing quickdraw (two hours allotted) portrait artists for volunteering their time to help put more fun into fundraising!

Harley Photo 1_Dani Rosenthal.JPG
Harley portrait by Cynthia Barnes.jpeg

"Harley" by Cynthia Barnes /medium: acrylic

 donor/pet guardian: Dani Rosenthal

Teddy portrait by Barb Beasley-Scratchbo

"Teddy" by Barb Beasley /  medium: scratchboard

 donor/pet guardian: Dawn Christofferson

Luna at the door 1.jpg
Gretchen Acharya pet portrait-Luna at th

"Luna" by Gretchen Acharya / medium: pastel

 donor/pet guardian: Pen Volkmann

Charles Alkula's %22Wesley%22.jpg
%22Wesley%22 by Barb Beasley.jpg

"Welsey" by Barb Beasley /  medium: scratchboard

 donor/pet guardian: Rev. Charles Alkula

Lola photo Pet Guardian Marcy Miller.jpg

"Lola" by George Sanderson / medium: charcoal

 donor/pet guardian: Marcy Miller

%22Vinnie Boy%22 Guardian Dani  Erin.jpe
%22Vinnie Boy%22 portait by Cindy Sepuch

"Vinnie Boy" by Cindy Sepucha / medium: acrylic

 donor/pet guardian: Dani Rosenthal

Moshi Donor-Guardian Dani Rosenthal.JPG
%22Moshi%22 portrait by Cindy

"Moshi" by Cindy Sepucha / medium: acrylic

 donor/pet guardian: Dani Rosenthal

Kitty Noir.png
Kitty Noir portrait by Lydia Pottoff.jpe

"Kitty Noir" by Lydia Pottoff / medium: pastel

donor/pet guardian: Mary Horrocks

%22May%22 Friend of her Pet Guardian is
Kath Reilly Portrait of May.jpg

"May" by Kath Reilly / medium: oil

donor: Dani Rosenthal


"Brio" by Astrid Paustian / medium: oil on board

donor/pet guardian: Caren Paul & Mark Mitchell

Donor Mim Campos, Photo of her daughter
Portrait of Jennifer with Ivy by Joseph

"Jennifer with Ivy" by Joseph Jimenez / medium: digital art

 donor: Mim Campos / pet guardian: Jennifer Campos

Kai_Guardian Jan Stevenson.jpeg
Nancy Sullo Portrait of Kai.jpg

"Kai" by Nancy Sullo / medium: watercolor

 donor/pet guardian: Jan Stevenson

Photo of Mojuba_Pet Guardian & Donor Hei
%22Mojuba%22 Pet Portrait by Jerry Coffe

"Mojuba" by Jerry Coffey / medium: acrylic

donor/pet guardian: Heidi Forsythe

%22Bill%22 Donor-Guardian Shari Polis.JP
Portrait of %22Bill%22 by Jerry Coffey.j

"Bill" by Jerry Coffey / medium: acrylic 

 donor/pet guardian: Shari Polis

%22Keeper%22 Steve Nepi.jpg
%22Keeper%22 Laurence Granston.png

"Keeper" by Laurence Granston / medium: pastel

 donor/pet guardian: Steve Nepi

Shamu in Pond.png
Portrait of %22Shamu%22 by Connie Slack.

"Shamu" by Connie Slack / medium: acrylic

donor/pet guardian: Howard Bernstein

Mozzzy. y Jerry Coffey.JPG

"Mozzzy" by Jerry Coffey / medium: acrylic

 donor/pet guardian: The Smouse Family

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