No one can predict the progression of the coronavirus in the United States. Hopefully everyone is taking appropriate precautions to stay safe and healthy. Obviously the pandemic is hurting our non-profit organization and all of our artists, just as businesses are suffering all around the world. Many artists’ livelihoods rely on a busy schedule of art fairs, festivals and gallery events. All of the cancellations and closures hurt.


While, we are on hold with our plans for a summer POP! Gallery, we are continuing the work for our October Open Studios Tour. The Tour is an excellent opportunity to show and market art, and to develop relationships with collectors and other prospective patrons to continue building your business. 


Should we need to cancel the Tour dates in October, the 2020 Tour may be held in December or cancelled entirely. Open Studios Tour artists  pay participation fees that cover approximately 50% of the cost of advertising, marketing and other production costs of this annual event. If the Tour is cancelled or postponed to a date that is not possible for an artist, fees that have been paid in advance may be applied to participation in either the 2021 or 2022 Tour. We will also apply fees paid for 2020 forward to following years should an artist decide that participation this year may put their health in jeopardy. 


We are currently working on some alternative, online ideas for supporting our artists and Open Studios, Inc. through this difficult time. And of course, we are always open to your support through Donations. We would not be here at all if not for our generous Sponsors and Donors.

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