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Thanks to a generous donation from Art Parts, participants picked up a free bag of materials and created something crazy. The only rule -  use the materials from Art Parts for at least 50% of the creation. Otherwise, we wanted to see just how crazy or creative everyone would get - imagination run wild. This contest was free and open to the public. It was be judged by Megan Moriarty and Katy Byrd of Art Parts, and Mark Mitchell, creative director and writer. The winning Creations can also be viewed in a special exhibit at Art Parts.


Hover over an image to see the video. Click to see it full size. Note: these creations are so awesome and crazy, the page takes a few seconds to load them all.  Congratulations Winners! The categories:


The Materials

Craziest • Commensensical • Comical • Conceptual • Cantankerous • Cutest • Curious • Coolest • Constructive • Commemorative