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Dorothy Weiner

Longmont, CO, USA


A relative newcomer to town, I feel grateful to be surrounded by so much natural beauty here in Northern Colorado, and to have it as a daily inspiration. Art is the ultimate intersection of nature and humanity. It isn't 'necessary' in the way a home is, yet it is important especially in a place like Colorado, where it is so easy to feel small in comparison to the natural world.

Art reminds us that we, too, have something beautiful to contribute. Creating beauty on the page is how I would characterize my artistic goal. Color and texture fascinate me. That explains why so many of my watercolors utilize heavy applications of pigment and incorporate inks, stencils, iridescents and other materials in the effort to add textural substance to a stubbornly 2-dimensional medium.While I find beauty in nearly each of my paintings (as a mother does in her children), a more objective analysis tells me that the best of them include an almost kinetic energy that comes from spontaneity and painting fearlessness.

Painting, Mixed Media

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