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Katherine Ware-Wolniewicz

5560 Colt Drive, Longmont, CO

In the “Gunbarrel” area of Boulder, CO. In Gunbarrel Estates between Lookout and 71st St.


I enjoy creating. I can spend a day making paper, dyeing yarn with botanicals, painting, and then make a pair of silver filigree earrings. What a joy to not be limited in what one creates.

Using enameling techniques, I create colorful scenes to use in jewelry.  Setting found items or precious stones in sterling and gold allows me to form new pieces to delight and wear. Painting with watercolors allows me to capture the world around me. With silver wire I knit or crochet unusual forms, making sculptural pieces to wear.

I believe art is something to share. That each of us has something magical to create or explore. I intend to continue creating, exploring medias, and sharing.

Jewelry, Painting, Mixed Media

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