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Peggy Turchette

Boulder, CO, USA


As an Artist working with textiles and fiber, I have spent more than ten years on a collection I call The Pavlova Project. This is a unique visual biography of the life and art of 20th century ballerina Anna Pavlova, told through the re-creation of costumes and fashions that she wore.

Viewed chronologically, this one-quarter scale collection tells the story of this pioneering woman from her childhood in Russia to her phenomenal rise to international fame. Anna Pavlova believed in dance as a way of uniting the people of the world across national, cultural and racial divides. Her exceptional life, her unflinching dedication to her art, and most of all her generous spirit of inclusivity still resonate with and delight us today. Once known throughout the world,, Anna Pavlova needs to be re-introduced to a new generation as a brilliant artist, entrepreneur, innovator, and humanitarian who dedicated her life to sharing her art with people across the globe.

Sculpture, Fiber, Mixed Media

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