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Lindsay Jane Ternes

Boulder, CO, USA


As a Boulder-based professional fine artist and plein air painter, you'll find me outside every day of the year. I firmly believe ""Joy is made complete when it's shared,"" and I paint to express the delight I feel while playing in the mountains. My heart soars in sunshine, but being a plein air painter (painting an outdoor scene on location) means weathering all the elements to capture the most delightful and dramatic sights. Each oil painting holds an adventure and my awe for the incredible beauty I experienced. My hope is that translating the light and curves of these amazing places into a piece of art brings that same sense of inspiration and peace to the walls where they hang. I have so much gratitude to all who have supported me in the pursuit of my passion, and it means an incredible amount to know the work I make is enjoyed by my collectors for years to come.


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