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Karen Okada

2101 Jonathan Pl, Boulder, CO 80304, USA


I am fascinated by sacred geometry and the observation of our own existence as we are influenced by one another to make up the greater whole. I see my surroundings as one I can imagine always changing and embracing. Reimagining, designing and making for me must always have a grounding and purpose. My work has become one of symbolism and energy.

I begin each piece with a meditation. I’m attracted to stones that symbolize the raw beauty and natural geometric structure of mother earth and her forces of nature. Each stone carries both carbon and water and like each of us, they hold energy. They are all unique and exquisite.

When I create jewelry or make a painting, the action and its symbolism is a genuine endeavor to ground and elevate our everyday existence. In all my work I hope to catalyze a way to see ourselves as part of this planet, to embrace our path, and hold space for ourselves and each-other. It’s quantum entanglement.

Jewelry, Painting, Sculpture

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