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O'baware featuring Kazu Oba

1061 Mercury Drive, Lafayette, CO, USA


Potter and sculptor, Kazu Oba, relocated from Japan to the Boulder area more than 20 years ago. He is pleased to participate in Open Studios 2021.

Kazu wholeheartedly considers his pottery to be complete when in your hands. As a former sushi chef, he is in constant dialogue with how his vessels exist in relation to the food they present. O'baware designs are food driven, prioritizing an elegant dining experience.

The Utsuwa sculpture series are "vessels that contain an unknown future" which may offer a point of departure or one of reconvening. Utsuwa in Japanese means "container/vessel(s)". For Kazu, Utsuwa holds the notion of life's infinite possibility. This work connects us to Kazu's sense of play, of potential, and of connection.

Kazu is participating in Open Studios presenting both his sculpture and pottery in a North Boulder industrial studio located next to German Auto. He welcomes you to join him.

Ceramic, Sculpture

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