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Paula Nylen

2250 Mariposa Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302, USA


With a deep respect for history, tradition and the masters of the craft, I create functional art mainly from porcelain, often looking to the past for my inspiration. To me, beauty lies in simplicity-less can be more. It allows one to focus on the silhouette, form, proportion, the function and the craftsmanship.

Inspiration has always come from my surroundings, nature, travel, the urban landscape and architecture. The work, while functional, communicates and idea which is not always obvious, light, shadows, shape, textures and structure.

Ceramics is one of the most ancient industries going back thousands of years. Due to the abundance of clay, pottery is truly global. It bridges ages, geography, socio-economic factors and opinion. While recognized universally, a handcrafted object resonates with people in a different, more personal way than mass produced ones. A ceramic piece expresses the time, thought and skill of the artist. Clay enables me to engage in a conversation with the end user through their relationship and use of my pieces.


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