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Lily McAlpin

1510 Zamia Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304, USA



I am Lily McAlpin, a contemporary landscape artist based out of Boulder, Colorado. Nature's allure deeply inspires me, as I immerse myself in its splendors. Trails become my rhythmic companions, with each step and breath merging into my very being. Within my studio sanctuary, I strive to translate these cherished memories onto canvas. The echoes of my hand mirror the cadence of my feet, allowing my paintings to capture the very essence of my time spent in nature's embrace. My paintings become a vibrant celebration of majestic mountains, sweeping vistas, and nature's ever-shifting moods. Completing a painting signifies not just an artistic accomplishment, but the culmination of an unforgettable adventure fused with my artistry.

In my outdoor expeditions, my trusty film camera sparks inspiration, shaping composition, contrast, tonality, and color palette. Photography plays a significant role in my artistic approach.

I hope to open my studio doors, sharing my process with the community!


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