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Missy Kaye

5103 Laurel Ave, Boulder, CO 80303, USA

Studio entrance is through the gate on the west side of the house.


Observing color in nature has been a lot of my inspiration from growing up in Boulder. As a child, I spent hours looking at clouds, water, and trees. I am fascinated by the way color and color relationships change with light and these skills are enhanced by my work with Chuck Ceraso. You might feel the energy in a painting as you take the time to enter the work. If we can teach people to look into a work and FEEL, then we are getting somewhere. I believe art is here to open that place inside someone that may not be able to open in any other way. My story is also about resilience. I spent my childhood trying not to be too expressive, even though I knew I was an artist, as I groomed to be an engineer. Eventually I returned to art and had made over 700 works that were consumed by the Marshall Fire. Again the work chose me. Painting calls to me in a way I cannot deny. My hope is to open a place within you to allow you to deeply see through the use of color, shape, and movement.

Painting, Oil

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