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Mike Hamers

7259 Mt Sherman Rd, Longmont, CO 80503

Gunbarrel - near insection of 71st and Lookout Road


After decades of being too busy to make art (busy "making a living" struggling as a freelance graphic designer & tech illustrator). At 50, I slid into a midlife crisis, Dark Night of Soul, Suicidal Depression for 3 years. Eventually I began experimenting with Music, Art, Poetry & Prayer (M.A.P.P.): forced myself to make art again despite my darkness. I turned to the last medium I'd used before computers – watercolor airbrush.  I began making nature art, listening to music, reading poetry by Rumi & Mary Oliver. Eventually I triggered a spiritual awakening – the Suicidal ideation suddenly evaporated and my life spiraled open (like a flower) into happiness & joy. Creativity was my M.A.P.P. out of Depression which has NOT returned in 10 years.

Music, Art, Poetry & Prayer as part of my daily routine now.

I also engage in Fine Art Photography and Poetry – and published 4 art books since 2016.

Photography, Painting/Watercolor/Airbrush

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