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Anne Greenstreet

2810 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO 80301, USA

Suite C is the center entrance in the 2810 Building.


Born and raised in Denver, I've been creating and living in Boulder for 13 years. I focus on creating whimsical narratives about animals and nature, expressing gratitude for the unceasing beauty of our world, and emoting through painting.

My work is at the intersection of my love of imagination and my passion for artistic mastery. I love the idea of the world holding secret stories - being more magical or humorous than we see on the surface. I aim to rest this atop the shoulders of timeless artistic principles and sacred compositional principles.

I am also passionate about the process of art itself, so I view working with my medium as an end in itself. Thus, my work varies in terms of how much the medium itself is apparent.

I use India Ink wash and watercolor for much of my narrative/illustrative work, emphasizing line work. In oils and drawing, I am always working to improve my skill, so that I might be able to show others the magic I see or feel in a subject.

Mixed Media

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