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Jill Gartland

Boulder, CO


It's been a privilege to be part of Boulder Open Studios over the years as an artist and educator. Last year was my most intensive as a painter. I took classes with a local artist the first few months experimenting with more abstract, expressive work. In the spring, I hiked in France and came home to participate in the Open Studios Plein Air event in June. Through the rest of the year, I painted extensively and exhibited my work in the downtown Pop Gallery. My work is inspired by the beauty of the outdoors both here at home and wherever else I have the opportunity to go while hiking, cycling, skiing and camping. I take every opportunity to see, feel and remember a striking moment that might later become the start of a new painting. I've been using more vibrant colors this past year and working in larger formats overall. I enjoy learning from my fellow artists and appreciate the feedback I receive from others. Art is what keeps me going!


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