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Alev Erkan - Amio Ceramics

713 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

Next to the New Local past Spruce Confections on Pearl.


The pottery studio is my happy place! Having my hands in the clay and shaping it into timeless treasures is what brings me joy! I am from France and my first steps in ceramic work started in Cork, Ireland where I lived for 14 years before I finally found Boulder and decided to take my work to new horizons. My work is timeless and inspired by nature and simplicity. My color palette is very neutral. I like to play with simple forms and to hand carve some of my work. I am mainly a hand builder as I love how small imperfections create the perfect piece. Ceramic work requires a lot of patience. So many stages can go wrong, from creating, trimming, carving, sanding, drying, bisque firing, decorating, glazing, glaze firing... and then I leave it to the kiln gods to make magic happen!


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