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Richelle Cripe

713 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

I will be inside The New Local's annex space.


Longmont-based artist Richelle Cripe is a painter whose works are fueled by philosophy and personal discovery. Her paintings explore color theory through the use of restrained palettes and the worlds of possibility that exist when we tap into our intuitive mind and allow our own perspective to be changed in the process. She takes inspiration from the natural world, and her recent works add a deeply feminine perspective to the historical tradition of western landscape painting.

Working primarily in oil and acrylic, I select no more than five paint colors for each piece. Any pictorial references or iconography are second to color, which I consider to be the main subject matter. My work is largely improvised- I don't sketch or plan anything beforehand. Often I will start with a reference photo for basic shapes and then put it away halfway through the piece in order to make room for my own point of view. I paint intuitively and enjoy the process.


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