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Sue Cable

2490 Grape Ave, Boulder, CO 80304


Sue Cable started her love of painting while working as an Architect. She studied design, composition and the arts which enabled her to immerse herself into the love of painting while studying in Florence, Italy. Having the ability to see up close some of the greatest historical artist, opened her eyes to the beauty of painting. Sue’s art has evolved from paintings of European architecture and evolved to reflect the changes in her life. When she moved to Boulder in the early 2000’s she began to paint landscapes and flowers, eventually moving from realistic paintings to those that are more abstract and interpretive. Though her art is always evolving, the use of bright colors and detailed drawings remain central themes in her body of work.

Sue loves the beauty of the outdoors and is often stopped in her tracks by something that strikes her as so beautiful it needs to become a piece of art. She loves to bring the colors and textures of nature to her paintings and is always trying to evolve and grow through these experiences. 

Sue has been working primarily in two mediums. Her watercolors reflect her more methodical and organized side of her personality. Her paintings are sketched out, painted from light to dark and more “inside the lines”. Her latest series, The Dog Walk Series, are inspired by her daily walks with her dog. These paintings share the beautiful surroundings of Boulder as well as a few other travel destinations.

In contrast to the serene watercolors, her acrylic paintings are freer. Sue has been experimenting with underpainting layers of bright colors and then creating landscapes with a palette knife. Some of the paintings have evolved after the underpainting created a vision for Sue, and some of the paintings are based off of photos during her adventures. With the use of the palette knife she is able to scrape back into the base layer and have unexpected pops of color emerge. The palette knife paintings have allowed Sue to work on textures and movement that are not as accessible in her watercolors. Her latest works explore how different feelings are evoked from nature, weather and Covid-19, and transferred into a painting for others to feel.  

Her work has been featured in several private shows and displayed in Boulder-area coffee shops and retail stores. 


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