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Laura Brenton

2838 4th St, Boulder, CO 80304


I come to painting as a dancer. I find the act of painting itself inspirational - the actual movement of painting, the rhythm and quality of the movement, making marks and pushing color around. If I can feel it in my body and remain in a state of curiosity, that’s where I can make art.

I like things that are a little raw. I like scratching into the paint and using various tools to make different kinds of marks. The marks are an expression of the movement and they lead you around the painting. I try not to tidy things up and paint the life out of the imperfections.

I start most of my paintings with large moving marks. I’m drawn to bold color and like most people, I have an emotional response to color that works with my marks. I primarily work in acrylic as well as oil and cold wax.

Sometimes it takes confusing our brains in order to just let go and experience what’s there. Painting is a never ending journey to stay in the moment and follow what’s in front of me.

Painting/Acrylic, Mixed Media

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