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Rob Birt

Longmont, CO 80501


I am Industrial Artist specializing in Illustration, including active practices in Desktop Publishing, Video Editing, Post Production, 3D Modeling, and Patent Illustration. I have worked on a variety of design projects over 30 years including independent short film and a self-published children's book. While I have worked in a wide variety of mediums, I am currently returning to my roots in sculpture, primarily working in Ceramic but I do plan to also add a combination of mediums to my work including Epoxy, Metallurgy and Polymer Clay as each has its own tactile sensation and expression that can be derived from each material. I also like seeing and feeling each material for what it is and not always coated and “finished”. I developed an early interest in The Qin Terracotta Soldiers and look to continue this type ceramic sculpture work in the direction of these life size works in ceramic but in a more modern style that lends not only structure but an empathic connection to the work.


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