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Kelly Bader

625 S 41st St, Boulder, CO 80305

Table Mesa & 41st St.


I have grown leaps and bounds over the past several years of being a member of Open Studios. I recently enrolled in online art school (Bold School), and went back to the basics of the color wheel, complimentary colors, composition, brushstrokes, etc. I found my passion for painting five years ago and has brought me much joy and I want to share that with the viewers. I want the viewer to look at my painting and bring whatever emotional journey it takes them on. Open studios has done so much for me and has opened my eyes to a more diverse world of art. The creative process of painting is my happy place every day! I’ve always been attracted to bright, bold colors. I’ve learned how to not be so realistic in my painting. I am not a realism painter at all. I am more expressive in a modernism, contemporary way. I’ve learned how to not get caught up in the details, which allows me to be more creative and free in my painting.


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