Megan Morgan

8 Chesebro Way, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

Eldorado Springs Art Center. South on Broadway three miles outside Boulder to State Highway 170. Head west (right) on S.H. 170. Travel 3 miles. The last 1/2 mile is dirt road. Look for Art Center sign.

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The foundation of my art is drawing and painting. I work with two mediums: oil pastels drawn on repurposed coffee bag burlap and tusche wash painted on pronto plates.

When I’m up for a formidable challenge, I draw on burlap with oil pastels to create richly textured drawings. I hand stretch repurposed coffee bags over wooden frames. I love drawing on the knobbly surfaces of the burlap — a strenuously time-consuming adventure. It takes hundreds of oil pastel layers to fill each nook and cranny. I overload some areas while leaving other spaces untouched, intentionally exposing the burlap.

When I feel emotional, energetic, or explosive, nothing excites me more than working with tusche wash — typically a printmaking medium. Water gives my images a unique appearance like no brushstroke I have seen. In contrast, dry tusche wash is like painting with confectioner’s sugar: it’s powdery and moody behaviors are almost too wild to tame.

My tusche wash art motivates and encourages me to brush up on my own personal mastery while my oil pastel art reminds me to slow down, enjoy the ride, and capture our current Colorado.

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking

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