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Megan Morgan

Painting/Pastel, Drawing, Printmaking

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The foundation of my art is drawing and painting. I primarily work with two mediums: repurposed burlap and tusche wash. When I’m up for a formidable challenge, I draw on burlap with oil pastels to create richly textured drawings. I hand stretch repurposed coffee bags over wooden frames. I love drawing on the knobbly surfaces of the burlap — a strenuously time-consuming adventure. It takes hundreds of oil pastel layers to fill each nook and cranny. I overload some areas while leaving other spaces untouched, intentionally exposing the burlap. I also use burlap when I create monoprints. I cut, deconstruct, and reshape burlap pieces and then press them into inks on my custom-made gelatin plates. I enjoy creating my own way of mark-making and wish to explore this medium more and more each day.

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