Kathleen Lanzoni

7881 Grasmere Dr, Boulder, CO 80301

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Juried Artist BPAF 2017, 2018 and 2019

Kathleen is an award-winning artist with a passion for watercolor painting! Painting in the studio as well as plein air, she immerses herself in the fluid and unpredictable qualities of watercolor paint to capture the brilliant light and colors of nature. The magic of layering translucent paint allows the light to shine from the surface, through the colors, to us as observers.

Kathleen paints in a realistic painterly style, bringing the effect of changing light and color that describes the atmosphere, context and shape of the scene to the paper.

Kathleen has been commissioned by several private collectors, medical facilities, offices and schools to paint original watercolors and murals to enhance and enliven the atmosphere for the communities.

Kathleen grew up in both Montreal and California, and for over 27 years has enjoyed the endless subjects that living in Boulder, Colorado, offers. Kathleen was formally trained at the Art Institute of Boston and at the Massachusetts College of Art, graduating from both schools with a BFA.


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