Kathleen Lanzoni

Boulder, Colorado

Juried Artist BPAF 2017, 2018 and 2019

A passion for watercolor painting! This is a great way to describe how I feel about painting and why I paint. Immersing myself in the fluid and unpredictable qualities of watercolor is what I think of as controlled chaos. I have control of my planning, composition and drawing, then I must loosen up when it is time to apply the paint and let the magic happen. The goal when I paint is to capture the brilliant light, shapes and colors of nature, urban scenes, people. The beauty of layering translucent paint allows the light to shine from the surface, through the colors, to us as observers. My artwork is created both in the studio and en plein air, painting in a realistic painterly style. The chosen subjects of my artwork can be as diverse as distant views, buildings, people or animals. It is important to take the time to choose your own personal subject to paint: it could be what makes you look twice or hold your breath.

Growing up in both Montreal and California, I have lived in Colorado for over 27 years, enjoying the endless subjects offered living in this beautiful state. My formally training is from the Art Institute of Boston and the Massachusetts College of Art, graduating from both schools with a BFA.

Practique des Arts- January 2019- cover image and article
Splash 17; Best of Watercolor book, July 2016;
Published painting Pastoral Afternoon
Practique des Arts – Watercolor Special 2016

Recent Awards:
Boulder Plein Air, 2018 – Best of Show
Georgetown Plein Air, 2018 – Best of Show
Estes Valley Plein Air, 2018 – Award of Excellence, Promotional Art winner, Second Place Quick Draw
Plein Air Artists CO – Honorable Mention
CO Watercolor Society – Fourth Place
Boulder County Parks & Open Space, CO, 2018 – Second Place
Aspen Red Brick Plein Air, 2017 – First Place Quick Draw, First Place People’s Choice
Telluride Plein Air, 2017 - First Place Quick Draw, Third Place People’s Choice
Boulder Plein Air Festival, 2017- First Place Quick Draw, Third Place


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