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Lili Francklyn

Painting/Acrylic, Photography, Drawing

3462 Cripple Creek Square, Boulder, CO, USA

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As far as painting and drawing goes, I’m still a rank beginner, totally indebted to the kindness and encouragement of two wonderful teachers, Jacque Michelle for acrylic painting, and Lydia Pottoff for pastel. Both of them provide a font of useful information about painting in general, composition, color, how to handle streams, grasses, trees, waves, skies and landscapes in general. There are tricks to art you know! And now I’m convinced that it’s mostly about practice, practice, practice.  

Actually I am a journalist by trade, marketer and writer, specializing in renewable energy. But now painting is a new and exciting journey, taking up an increasingly bigger part of my life as time goes on.

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