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Tom Foster


208 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

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I have taken thousands of photographs of outdoor Colorado over the past few years. I have been working on a self taught technique using natural light and color for unique designs of Colorado nature. Through my work I have mastered my technique and I present a series of images meant to remind people of the inherent beauty of nature. My understanding of nature has also grown over the years, as I have studied for my portfolio. My images are meant to be accessible and simple, but the process of creating the images has been a years long study of color and natural light.

My studio, located in West Boulder, provides me with access to a natural setting that includes the dual nature of the high plains and the foothills of Colorado. I have studied nature my entire life, my passion is exploring outdoors, and from a young age appreciated the feeling of discovering, for myself, a pattern in nature. Discovering, understanding and documenting the patterns of nature has helped me understand myself.

My study of nature is more than taking photographs. The beautiful images are only a byproduct to the feeling of liberation and joy gained by understanding nature for a moment. As a visual poet, my images are meant to show a powerful message of hope in the face of multiple existential crisis.

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