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Amy Guion Clay

Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media

4580 Broadway, Boulder. CO 80304

#222: Entrance is between the new Bellota Restaurant and Bar on the south side of the 4580 Broadway building. Enter via the patio.

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Art and travel  are two sides of the same coin for me. My artworks reflect the places that I travel to as an artist-in-residence around the world. It's always about curiosity, exploration and discovery, going into the unknown. Each place impacts my creative process profoundly and subsequently affects the works that I do.  

I mostly paint in acrylic and mixed media, and I also adore printmaking (photopolymer etching in particular). I spent many years painting in encaustic and oil paint, but have returned to my first love of painting in acrylic - the perfect medium for traveling, teaching, and simplicity of use!

I also love printmaking - specifically solar plate etchings and carborundum prints, and often explain the process to visitors. And I have experimented in hand painted animations which I’m captivated by, despite the laborious and time consuming process.

During the 2022 Open Studios Tour, I will be doing painting demos throughout each day that I am open (first 2 weekends). I hope you will join me to see my process.

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