Amy Guion Clay

4580 Broadway, Boulder. CO 80304

#222 - Above 4580 North End Restaurant - entrance is between bar and restaurant

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My art and life are all about the Epic Quest - always longing for the horizon, the unknown, the place beyond the familiar. I live to push through limitations and explore the greater journey. This path of discovery has led me to travel the world, often living as an artist-in-residence in new lands and cultures. This feeds my work profoundly. My art and travel are inseparable and define my way of being in the world.

I paint mostly in acrylic paint and mixed media - including drawing, collage and photo transfer. My work is primarily abstract but I love to sometimes add images of trees or water to give a sense of place. Each painting is really a journey in it's own way, each brushstroke is a bushwhack into the unknown. I paint intuitively so am always looking for clues!

I have also worked for many years in encaustic and oil paint so have some of that work to show visitors. The bottom line is, I’ll use anything to make a mark!

I also love printmaking - specifically solar plate etchings and carborundum prints, and often explain the process to visitors. And I have experimented in hand painted animations which I’m captivated by, despite the laborious and time consuming process.

Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media

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