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Catherine Carilli

Painting/Oil, Mixed Media

1890 Quince Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

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I am an intuitive, process, colorist artist. My main discipline is painting. I also work with mixed media and installation. I explore my inner interpretation of what I see and feel to create an image, to make a visual statement. I often search nature, as a springboard for the imagination. My primary practice of expression is in abstraction. Through gesture, process, rich colors, shapes,  I approach my work with delight. I layer paint, and build  surfaces as I work . There is a often sense of narrative, conjuring memories of place or time. Travelling and literature deeply inform my artwork. It is a response  to the world around me. The creative product is to be shared and interpreted uniquely by the person embracing the artwork. I trust the process of making art  will lead me to new discoveries. I love the surprising places process painting brings the artwork.  Art is an opportunity to connect with others, share visions, and elevate our spirits together.  

I studied Art at the University of Wisconsin, and received an MFA. I am proud to have my paintings collected by the Kirkland Museum in Denver. I have taught art for 15 years at Front Range Community College and for other groups. I am represented locally by Next Gallery and the 40 West Arts District. I enjoy being active in the Boulder and Denver arts communities, as a member of Open Studios, and NoBo. The Ucross Foundation, Hackensack Medical Group, and many others collect my paintings. My paintings are featured in Ortigia Sicily at the Spazio Trente Gallery. It is my hope that the artwork  touches your mind and heart.

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