Catherine Carilli

1890 Quince Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

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My artwork is based on my life long engagement with nature, imaginative musings and psychological introspective study. The paintings, prints and mixed media artworks, relate to a larger humanistic belief that encompasses all our being, based on Carl Jung's concept that we are of one consciousness - The Collective Unconscious. In Jungian psychology we are all of a universal mind uniting humanity throughout history. This concept is a thread throughout my art career. Currently, I am working on a series, Earth Art, Hope for a New World, which I will exhibit in Lakewood at NEXT Gallery this year. 

It is Art in time of Pandemic and Social Injustice. I am using earth, dirt, flowers. Casting in the dirt. Using materials that are real and unprocessed. I am drawn to the purity of the earth and nature. I want to relate to an immediate world, before the virus, to promote healing. And to be a positive force. It is a series of art as returning to deep human origins in connection with the earth and nature.This feels good and right. It feels real. Dirty fingers. Working outside. Sunshine. Painting nature. Designing with nature. Physical raw connection in a detached world. There is no virus nor judgement in this dirt, in the branches, in the flowers. Whether painting, and printmaking from nature, or creating with natural materials, I see hope and beauty.

Painting/Oil, Mixed Media

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