Linda Bice

Studio #102

4043 New Haven Ct, Boulder, CO 80304

When I was a child, my favorite color was "sky blue pink" which I made by mixing just the right amount of blue and pink crayons right on the page.  Now I enjoy mixing and playing with my colors in several mediums to explore the amazing beauty that surrounds us.


Pastel has been my favorite medium for years.  I love the immediacy of holding the color right in my hand and using my fingers to move the colors around the support. There is no waiting for layers to dry which means I can paint with clean crisp color without having to wait for the materials to catch up with my mind.  I also enjoy painting with acrylic paints and mediums for the same reason. I love capturing our local western landscape whether realistically or abstractly in all it’s lighting and color variations and hope that the viewer gets the feeling of being there right along with me.  

Painting/Pastel, Mixed Media, Fiber

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