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Susan Garson

Studio #114

4649 Eldorado Springs Dr

Boulder, CO 80303

Susan Garson and Tom Pakele have been collaborating in ceramics since 1984. Currently, they are mostly focusing on their individual work; Susan with painting, drawing and mixed media, and Tom on his own ceramic work, although they continue to enjoy collaborating on certain pieces.They met in graduate school at UCLA; Tom studying and working as a teaching assistant in ceramics, Susan working as a teaching assistant in intaglio printmaking and mixed media in addition to spending studio hours on her own work.

Tom's interest in ceramics began in high school and continued into college where he worked as a lab assistant, firing kilns, mixing clay and glazes while perfecting his technique in porcelain and stoneware. He has been most inspired by ancient and historical ceramics, particularly Asian ceramics.Carving in porcelain, and using celadon and matte glazes, accompanied by brush painting has been one of his strong expressions. Complex building of clay slabs and use of wheel throwing techniques produce teapots, mugs, vessels trays and other ceramic forms.
Susan has been drawing, painting and constructing objects since a very early age. Her imagery is narrative, using a repertoire of figures and objects derived from many sources. What may appear whimsical on the surface translates into a more complex and emotional scenario. The artwork can be open to a viewer's interpretation.

A few early collaborations in porcelain laid the groundwork for the present pieces.White earthenware provides an excellent canvas for the color and detail Susan likes to achieve. Tom invents the forms using various ceramic methods after some discussion. Susan adds hand formed ceramic figures and knobs.
Their work can be seen in galleries and collections worldwide, including the Seattle Arts Commission, Celestial Seasonings, and the Freehand in Los Angeles.
They can be found working at their studio in Boulder, Colorado.

Acrylic, Watercolor, Drawing, Ceramics, Mixed media


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