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Samuel Austin

Studio #102

1701 15th St, Unit A

Boulder, CO 80302

These works are primarily ballpoint pen and Watercolor. The medium lends it's self to the immediacy of the work. I believe in a concept I call the fabric of imperfection. I have more writing on this topic in my blog which can be found on my web page

In short, nothing is perfect and the seeking of perfection is futile. I love wrinkles, scars, patina. Signs of age and evidence of survival. These paintings are done in layer upon layer. mixing one technique with the next until the freshness and vibrancy of the composition is revealed. Each one is a journey. They are often a combination of humor and paradox.
The methods used give these watercolors the ability to be displayed without glass, and they are touchable.
— You will see what I mean.

Watercolor, Drawing


Downtown Boulder across from Boulder High

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