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Emperor's Choice

Emperor's Choice


Fine art cast bronze vessel, 16" h x 15" w x 10.5" d.  Emperor's Choice has four Chinese characters along the face of the arch. From the bottom left is “Love.” The next one is “Peace.” At the top of the arch is “Harmony.” On the bottom right side is "Beauty." When I created this bronze vessel, I thought it would be inspiring if we had leaders, who embodied these qualities! Wouldn’t that be the dawn of a new age? We don't have to wait for a leader's example. We can all choose to embody more of these attributes in our lives. Invite Emperor's Choice into your sacred space and let it remind you to be guided by Love, Peace, Harmony, and Beauty! When I was creating this vessel, I saw a dragon emerging from the arch, which coincidentally was a symbol for the emperor in China, and also as a protector of Buddhism in other Asian cultures. My stamp, Tomu, the phonetic reading of Tom in Japanese, is on the bottom of the base.


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