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Marketing your Studio for the Boulder Open Studios Tour


What to expect:

All participating artists will receive:

  • 20+ 2018 OST catalogs

  • 11x17 Official OST poster for your studio entrance

  • Up to 8 yellow yard signs and stakes for daily

  • 40-50 OST postcards (you can add your information to the back)

What do we expect from our artists?

In the lead up to the Open Studios event:

  • Send notices to your mailing list about your participation in the Tour

  • Post on social media about your participation. Be sure to use #OST2020 in all your posts

  • Visit your local shops and businesses and ask if you can leave some free catalogs or postcards

  • Open Studios distributes Catalogs to locations across Boulder, but some venues may have been left off our list, it's always worth checking, if we have left off a venue from our list please tell us so that our distribution list can be updated for the future.

  • Send a press release to your local newspaper, a template can be downloaded here:

  • Likewise, there is a copy of the Open Studios logo available to download from the participants page to use on any of your own produced publicity.

At your studio:

  • Display your yellow signs during opening hours, directing the public to your studio

  • Display your official OST poster and opening days on your studio door

  • Have 5 – 10 spare catalogs on display next to your visitors book for those visitors who do not have one

  • Make sure you promote the People’s Choice award and encourage visitors to vote for their favorite artist.

  • Promote other Open Studios in your area

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