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Margaret Johnson

Studio #33

4593 N. Broadway, Bldg C, #122
Boulder, CO 80304

My art is inspired by nature, relationships and the boundaries you establish to create health and well being. These are of primary importance for me. Getting out in nature makes me feel focused and expansive and informs my work.

Through both a meditative process and spontaneous expression I create one of a kind images in photography, painting, illustration and monotype printmaking. Starting twenty five years ago, meditation became something that I practiced in conjunction with my creative process. Meditation and mindfulness keeps me grounded in the present moment so this translates naturally into my creative work.

The most important thing in creating my work is finding the joy throughout the process. This comes directly out of working with color, whether placing these colors on paper, panel, canvas or plate. Using palette knives and paint brushes and colorful paints and inks I find happiness in the present moment. Pulling one of a kind prints, getting the paint down, discovering the unknown, this process is meditative, informative and zen-like. While the experience is reflective, the outcome is calming, happy and minimal.

Oil, Photography, Printmaking


Walk WEST by Weave and Gather, Last studio in Bldg C.

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