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Jyotsna Raj

Studio #109

863 14th St.

Boulder, CO 80302


I grew up in India and am inspired by the fine art and folk art traditions of India. In India, we are surrounded by color and beauty, and I have often chosen to paint flowers, animals and activities that I consider particularly Indian. So I have painted elephants, peacocks and Diwali celebrations. The lives of Indian women and the camaraderie between them is also a theme I am drawn to, depicting women applying henna, or a bangle seller showing her wares to a customer in my paintings. The images of our gods and goddesses is the basis for some of our most ancient murals and sculptures and I have also painted many such images. My art is very decorative and intricate, also very colorful. I have been painting all my life and as my style matures I focus on details against a somewhat stark background in order to highlight them - the silver jewelry on a woman's hands, or the swirl of her skirt against the desert sands. As a completely self-taught painter, I identify strongly with village women in India, who paint on the walls of their homes in a completely organic fashion, often deleting and repainting murals as the festivals of the year go by. I have lived in the USA now for many decades and I believe my art brings me in communion with my new country and it's people.

Oil Painting


From Pearl Street Parkway, north on 49th St, East on Pearl Street, studio on right.

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