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Erinn Diekman

Studio #28

4919 North Broadway #31

Boulder, CO 80303

I love making art. I love looking at art. I love talking about art. I love reading about art. I love thinking about art. I love thinking about making art. I love feeling excited about new ideas. I love turning my ideas into art. I love the calmness that I feel while creating art. I love the concentration I have while creating art. I love how centered I feel while creating art. I love reflecting on each step of the artistic process. I love how happy I am while making art. I love how creating art helps me work through powerful feelings and emotions without having to say a word. I love how art connects me to people.

I felll head over heels in love with glass as soon as we were introduced.

I love the flexibility and permanence of glass as a medium. I am constantly exploring the technical and artistic possibilities of kilnformed glass. Painting on glass is my favorite technique; it is a blend of the contemporary art of fusing and the traditional art of glass painting.



When you turn West into the parking lot, The Amazing Garage Sale will be on your left and Wapo's will be on your right. Head West and my studio is on the left hand side.

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