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4340 N 13th St

Boulder, CO 80304

I paint realistic western landscapes of the places I know best, where I have spent long days gazing at the wilderness. I love depicting beauty. For many years, my paintings have been about the wonder of unforgettable scenes in deep canyons, high mountains, or the secrets of flowing water.

Recently more of my paintings have been about the ‘quiet places’, the modest landscapes which have their own special beauty, but which often escape notice. I often include creatures in these paintings, to hook the viewer, and to help them leap into the landscape. We like to anthropomorphize animals, which helps us imagine ourselves living like them, in harmony with nature. I hope my paintings help viewers imagine themselves living in harmony with nature, because they must imagine it first, before they can actually do it. And that’s my ultimate goal: more folks living in harmony with the natural world.

Elizabeth Black


Oil Painting

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E of Broadway, between Upland & Violet

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