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In Memory of Stephen Denorscia, 1965 - 2022


"Stephen was the ultimate gentleman. From the doors he insisted on opening for me to the hats, he seemed to be of a different era. I first met Stephen when he popped his head into the Open Studios office at Rembrandt Yard and announced that he was here for an interview. We sat on a couch and I proceeded to succumb to his grace and talents. Within a few minutes I knew he was the one for the job, the one to share an office with me and the one to help me take OS into its next phase. I adored Stephen. He had an extraordinary work ethic. He was that person who’d sit down to work at 9am and not stand up again until 5pm. Eventually, I requested that he take an hour to walk and eat. He was so dedicated to the work and to the artists. Stephen was such a creative man. He had so many talents and he shared them with such enthusiasm. I can still hear his voice as he guided artists through the application process. He was so kind and gentle. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing him in the past few years and that hits hard. I will miss him deeply. He was a gift to us all and the sadness is so heavy.
Stephen, you are loved."
Jane Saltzman

Open Studios Executive Director, 2009 - 2012


"Stephen was an energetic and enthusiastic event manager. Working with him was a joy as he was so multifaceted and full of life. I never got tired of hearing about his adventures at Burning Man and at various competitive art tournaments. He will be missed by us all."

Kathleen Sears

Past Chairman, Open Studios Board of Directors


"Stephen DeNorscia was an artist, a lover and administrator of the arts, and a friend and strong supporter of the artists he worked with in Open Studios, Burning Man and beyond. He brought an amazing care and concern for all kinds of music, the visual arts, storytelling and the design and conceptualizing of grand visions. Stephen made the whole enterprise of artistic creation come alive, because he believed in it and supported it so generously. We will all miss him deeply. "

Bobbi Vischi

Former Board Member, Open Studios


"Stephen was the embodiment of what a gentleman, teddy bear, creative genius and friend should be. He approached everyone with warmth, gentleness, interest and care, was tickled pink by his and others’ creativity, and bestowed upon all nearby a sense of calm and comfort. The world needs more Stephens and will miss this one very dearly."

Matt Cohn

Past Chairman, Open Studios' Board of Directors


"Stephen DeNorscia was persuaded to take the helm at Open Studios during a particularly rough patch—not a job he coveted, but he gave it his all. He was creative and dogged in both cost-cutting (digital maps) and fund-raising (swell parties), and somehow the organization survived. He was one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I’ve ever known—a truly good person with a big heart. I’ll always remember how much he loved his annual pilgrimage to Burning Man—and how he glowed when he talked about it. His sensitive soul is now at peace."
Brenda Niemand

Board member during Stephen's Tenure with Open Studios


"Stephen was a valued part of Open Studios. He was bright, well-read, interesting, and creative. Stephen did many things for Open Studios and he did them well. He will be missed."

Howard O. Bernstein, Esq.

Secretary, Open Studios' Board of Directors.

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