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Dan Baumbach

Studio #53

1551 Norwood Ave

Boulder, CO 80304

From Norwood & Broadway go 2.5 blocks east, Studio is down wide drive, north side of street.

Beauty is important to me. So much of what we encounter theses days is distressing; I think art should give us some peace from that. Some might say that is an escape, but if getting immersed in a work of art, be it photography, painting, music, or literature is an escape, give me more escapes.

My inspiration is the natural world. I used to gravitate more toward landscapes but now you can do beautiful landscapes with your smart phone so I’ve moved more inward and closer in.

Now I gravitate to abstract or semi-abstract details of nature. My usual subjects are grass, leaves, water/ice, and clouds. I don’t like to use other’s metaphors to describe my work, but if you used Stieglitz’s description of Equivalents, I wouldn’t argue with you.

The images shown here are from my grass series. The prairie grasses here on the front range turn beautiful colors in the late summer and fall. I try to work these colors and shapes into something timeless and beautiful.



Take Broadway north of Iris, three blocks.  Make a right on Norwood Avenue.  Go 1/4th of a mile.  Driveway will be on the left.  1551 Norwood Avenue is at the back on the right.

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