Please join us at any time in the next few weeks for a unique, super fun and FREE contest - Crazy Creations! Thanks to a generous donation from Art Parts, in order to participate you just pick up a bag of materials and create something crazy (or cool, calm, colorful, cute, comely - your choice...) The only rule - you must use the materials from Art Parts for at least 50% of your creation, (but you do not need to use all the materials in the bag.) Otherwise, go crazy - let your imagination run wild. Invite your friends and family to participate. This event is open to all, and did we mention - it's free!

No registration required. This Crazy Contest has been Crazy Popular! We're temporarily out of Crazy Creations materials bags, but we're re-stocking and will have yours waiting for you beginning Monday, March 15th. Plan your trip to Art Parts, 2860 Bluff Street in Boulder. Open Mon - Sat, 10a - 6p and Sun, 11a - 4p.  Bags will be ready for pickup at a table in the front of the store. One bag per household please (make it a group project!) While you're there, check out their amazing and extensive inventory for creating.

To qualify for the contest, you must complete your masterpiece by April 15th, 2021 (along with your taxes!)

Submit 1- 3 photos or a short video (15 seconds max) to show us what you have done. Send your email with image(s), a title and the words Crazy Creation! in the subject line, to Include your name and phone number.


For the goal-oriented among you:

Ten winners will receive prizes - gift cards to one of these merchants: Art Parts, McGuckin Hardware or the Online Galleries at The winning creations will be exhibited at Art Parts. We will award one winner in each of the following categories (approximately!) 

Craziest • Commensensical • Comical • Conceptual • Cantankerous • Cutest • Curious • Coolest • Constructive • Commemorative 

Sponsored by:


We'll probably also exhibit some Commendables (honorable mentions.) But to be on exhibit, please note that your creation will have to be wall-hangable or able to sit on a wall-hung shelf. All submissions will be posted online in a special Crazy Creations gallery page on both Open Studios and Art Parts web sites.