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Marianne Weingroff

4929 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304, USA

NOBO Art Center, behind the former Wapo's building.


I love the immersion that comes when I find a scene that fully captures my attention and move from picture taking to photograph making. I have always been drawn to color and shape—and abstract art in general—which has led me to seek out patterns in subjects as varied as flowers, bricks, steps, and old buildings and equipment. That makes macro/close-up photography a natural fit. This sensibility also informs the subjects that I enjoy shooting when hiking in the mountains and desert, and exploring different cultures and countries.

Taking the photograph is the first step in my process, the point of departure. I spend considerable time processing my images, drawing out the key elements that will make them dynamic, vibrant, interesting, and compelling. I regard my images as canvases filled with elements that I can manipulate, be it by adjusting colors, duplicating pieces, or moving things around. Some of my images bear a strong resemblance to the original while others are quite abstracted.


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