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Cheryl Walker

1012 Neon Forest Circle, Longmont, CO, USA


After 30 years teaching in colleges and art museums in Los Angeles, I recently relocated to Boulder, CO where my focus is on community engagement and connection with the land. Purple Mountains Majesty is a composite view of the iconic Boulder Flatirons. After spending time with many images of the Flatirons, in all seasons, from multiple points of view, I constructed my own view as a way a grounding myself in my new location. Painted mostly with a palette knife, the scraping across the canvas was a bit like scraping against the rocks themselves. Using the one large blank canvas I brought with me on my move from California, this painting was preceded by eight small studies, four 5 x 7"" and four 8 x 10"" canvases, experimenting and exploring multiple styles, color variations, seasons, and times of day, to ultimately find my own relationship to the majestic mountains that have been represented and painted so often and climbed by so many seeking a sacred relationship to the land itself.

Painting/Acrylic, Drawing

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