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Tree Sky EcoArt

4919 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

No. 24: Our studio is located in the same building as “Amazing garage sale” in south west corner of the building


Tree Sky EcoArt embraces sustainability, material reuse, and environmental education. Our mission is maintaining balance to make socially and environmentally responsible products, strictly using locally sourced urban wood.

We educate the public through our social media and other platforms regarding sustainability, zero waste and an eco friendly lifestyle. We also use our expertise and education to share our passion about the urban forests to help save the old growths and rainforests. We claim that, “every piece of wood matters”. We select and save various sections of the tree for artwork and other functional objects.

We can transform trees from public or residential spaces into fine art furniture, sculptures, home decor or jewelry and public art. Every completed piece is an elemental transformation, reborn into something dynamic and new, recovering the tree's vital energy. We use old traditional woodworking processes to allow each work to unfold and become its own entity.

Furniture, Sculpture/Wood, Jewelry

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