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Judi Strahota

1496 Alpine Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304, USA

Purple French doors at the top of the driveway.


I have rich history exploring numerous ideas, materials, processes; and recently studied photography in 2022. I’ve begun to merge photos & sculptural materials/objects, often 2-3 panels as diptychs, etc. Through the lens (w/o later interest in Photoshop) I section-off space, freeze a moment, turn that which is originally dimensional into flat compositions, instantaneously. My initial glance may see formal compositions, I then further explore spatial/object relations, textures, flattened perspectives. Inevitably, inherent visual conversations & poetic narratives emerge. OR the familiar may also transcend, becoming unfamiliar, aesthetic, reinvented. Subject matter is interesting as is, or I raise the mundane via my acute framing w/in the viewfinder, or shift the use of a photo. I am inspired to create solo photos or mixed material artworks imbued with curiosity, narratives, humor; or abstractions of everyday life into formal or ethereal experiences, greater than the sum of their origins.

Photography, Sculpture

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