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Christine Springer

Nederland, CO, USA


I paint en plein air (“in the open air”) simply to be IN nature; to mindfully observe the details of a beautiful world that, when not painting, can get lost in the whirl of life. I paint landscapes in my studio to continue my study of the natural world with the added benefit of time, a larger canvas and predictable weather! Painting in my studio also allows me to explore ideas that I have in my Mind’s Eye: thoughts, ideas, obsessions, emotions, personal symbols. Each category of painting influences the other and helps me find balance.    

I often begin my art-making process with ideas that spontaneously develop while out on a trail run in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The same “runner’s high” that connects during a solid run repeats itself when my art is going well: a sense of flow, energy and being 100% present. These are qualities I also encounter as a trained art and trauma therapist. Each facet allows me to explore a world that seems unpredictable, requiring me to be present and aware of myself and my surroundings.    

When people see my work, I want them to be curious, connecting with a sense of place, noticing a distinct mood, explore the story being told. I try to accomplish this through attention to edges, value, color and in some cases, symbols. I love painting in oil because this medium gives me time to explore, scrape, stain, build, evolve an image and an idea. Every time I stand at my easel, I feel it is a gift that that brings many elements in life together in one place.

Painting/Oil, Mixed Media

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