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Lauren Sievers

3185 Sterling Cir, Boulder, CO 80301, USA


My functional and sculptural pottery is deeply influenced by the raw beauty of the desert landscape. I am interested in investigating how place and material form selfhood—looking at the physical and human characteristics such as the natural environment and the built environment. Currently, I am exploring arches, squares, bursting shapes, and x's, both in form and patterning, to reference and symbolize the desert I grew up in. I use CAD software to model architectural elements that are then translated into clay, enabling me to incorporate geometric shapes and patterns, such as checkered surfaces reminiscent of the built environment.The arch-like structures and motifs in my work serve as metaphors for the desert's influence on my personal identity. The use of geometric shapes and patterning, particularly the square, represents the balance between chaos and control that can be found in both environments.

Ceramic, Sculpture

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